RC-soaring in Denmark
RC-soaring in Denmark

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List of rc-gliders in the category F3B, F3F and F3J.

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Big Sting  (Photo by: TUN Modellbau) Type: F3B 
Profile: HN 354 mod. 
Span: 3150 mm
Area: 64,7 dm²
Weight: 2350 g
Brisk 3  (Photo by: STRATAIR) Type: F3B/F3F 
Profile: RG 15 mod. 
Span: 2950 mm
Area: 60,4 dm²
Weight: 2250 g
Brisk II  Type: F3F/F3B 
 European Sailplanes
Profile: MH 32 
Span: 2700 mm
Area: 54,1 dm²
Weight: 2400 g

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